Performance upgrade for Raflacoat Fit PEFC label stockshttp://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/news/details/performance-upgrade-for-raflacoat-fit-pefc-label-stocksPerformance upgrade for Raflacoat Fit PEFC label stocks<p>​</p><h2>Stability up for productive high-speed conversion, comprehensive advances in printing properties </h2><p> <br>UPM Raflatac has introduced significant performance upgrades to its next-generation Raflacoat Fit PEFC label stocks for food, home care and logistics labelling. Improved technical characteristics raise productivity and enable better press results.</p><p>Improvements to the stability of Raflacoat Fit PEFC constructions provide better die-cutting performance and enable faster conversions speeds even with difficult matrix removal. These stability gains also contribute to a higher level of print detail.<br></p><h3>New topcoat for better whiteness and bolder colour</h3><p><br>The Raflacoat Fit PEFC face paper has a new topcoat which has taken the whiteness from 109 to 115 on the CIE index. The topcoat is also less absorbent than its predecessor, so converters are likely to see less ink consumption with UV-flexo while achieving more vivid colours. Also the HP Indigo printability remains at the same good level.</p><p>These qualities, together with improved press stability, provide a solid base for creating complex designs required by today’s end-users and brand owners.</p><p>“Thanks to market feedback, we’ve been able to identify technical features where these label stocks were to be further developed. That work is now done, and extensive customer and end-user trials have confirmed the improved performance of these upgraded products,” comments <strong>Jim Grieve</strong>, Technical Marketing Manager at UPM Raflatac.</p><p>“The new labels stocks perform better on-press even at higher speeds, and existing Raflacoat FIT customers will notice a drop in ink usage for a better print quality with bolder colours.”  <br></p><h3>EAN codes distinguish upgraded products</h3><p><br>The upgraded Raflacoat Fit PEFC label stocks will be rolled out in April and May as existing stocks run out. Because the new topcoat influences printing ink consumption and printing station settings, the label stocks have been made easy to distinguish with new EAN codes.<br> </p><table class="ms-rteTable-default" cellspacing="0" style="width:100%;height:220px;"><tbody><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:548px;">​Raflacoat Fit PEFC RH 6 HG45 PEFC (CQQ/RH06/CQN), EAN 8152065 <br>-> new EAN <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/product-search/8335" target="_blank">8203071</a></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:548px;">​Raflacoat Fit PEFC RP 51 HG45 PEFC (CQQ/RP5X/CQN), EAN 8148761 <br>-> new EAN <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/product-search/8218" target="_blank">8203040 </a></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:548px;">​Raflacoat Fit PEFC RP 48 HG45 PEFC (CQQ/RP48/CQN), EAN 8172537 <br>-> new EAN <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/product-search/8216">8202999 </a></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:548px;">​Raflacoat Fit PEFC 149 DF HG45 PEFC (CQQ/149D/CQN), EAN 8164334 <br>-> new EAN <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/product-search/8300" target="_blank">8204634</a></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:548px;">​Raflacoat Fit PEFC RH 6 HG65 PEFC (CQQ/RH06/BF), EAN 8145654 <br>-> new EAN <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/product-search/8240" target="_blank">8203064</a></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:548px;">​Raflacoat Fit PEFC RP 51 HG65 PEFC (CQQ/RP5X/BF), EAN 8177372 <br>-> new EAN <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/product-search/8245" target="_blank">8203019 </a></td></tr><tr><td class="ms-rteTable-default" style="width:548px;">​Raflacoat Fit PEFC RH 6 PP30 (CQQ/RH06/PP), EAN 8145647 <br>-> new EAN <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/product-search/8287" target="_blank">8202975</a></td></tr></tbody></table><p><br><a href="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/brochures-attachements/EMEA%20English/Better%20efficiency%20with%20certified%20performance_Raflacoat%20Fit%20PEFC.pdf" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" /> Raflacoat Fit PEFC: Better efficiency with certified responsibility</a></p>
UPM Raflatac is renaming RH 9 adhesive as RH 9X in Decemberhttp://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/news/details/upm-raflatac-is-renaming-rh-9-adhesive-as-rh-9x-in-decemberUPM Raflatac is renaming RH 9 adhesive as RH 9X in December<p>Since its launch, the RH 9 hot melt adhesive has been under continuous development. The core focus has been on setting the industry benchmark for productivity in conversion, optimal chilled labelling performance and enhanced sustainability.<br> <br>Gradual fine-tuning project for RH 9 has been on-going during the recent years and was completed in the end of 2013, so that since the beginning of 2014 our label stock deliveries have carried the finalized adhesive formulation. The new name ‘RH 9X’ marks the successful completion of the development project.<br> <br>In other words, <strong>RH 9X is the same adhesive as we have supplied as RH 9 since end of 2013. There is no need to re-specify this adhesive with label end-users.</strong><br><strong> </strong><br>All RH 9 product combinations and their codes will be changed to RH 9X from 1 December 2014 onwards. </p><p><br>See the new product card for benefits, properties and technical information of RH 9X in chilled foods and logistics applications. <br><a href="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/brochures-attachements/EMEA%20English/RH%209X%20adhesive_ENG.pdf" target="_blank">New RH 9X product card</a><br><a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/component/652">RH 9X: Technical information</a></p>
New guide helps you get the best from our thin filmshttp://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/news/details/guide-on-thin-filmsNew guide helps you get the best from our thin films<p>The trend for clear-on-clear labeling is continuing across a wide range of consumer segments as brands seek to enhance shelf appeal with no-label-look packaging designs. Brands are also seeking to improve efficiency and sustainability by using lighter materials that offer more labels per roll and have a lower environmental impact. As a result, thin, high-clarity films are becoming increasingly popular. While they offer improved sustainability, increased yield and lower manufacturing costs, they also bring their own challenges in terms of label processing.</p><p><img src="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/News%20images/2017/UPM_RAF_beer_popcorn_CMYK_61800.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:776px;" /></p><p>There are a number of different factors to take into consideration when first starting out with thin films, particularly with the label applicator itself. These include unwind and rewind roll tensions, label sensor type, peel plate sharpness, and proper label wipedown. The good news is that UPM Raflatac is here to help you through the whole process. <br><br>To help you get the most from UPM Raflatac thin film solutions, which include products like Vanish FTC and RafBev Clear TC 40 and PP White FTC Lite, we’ve put together a practical converting and application guide. It gathers tips and best practices for every stage of the label converting process, from web handling and die-cutting and tooling, to finishing and application. And don’t forget, we can provide support during design and evaluation stages, and even provide resources during label application trials.<br><br><a href="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/brochures-attachements/EMEA%20English/Thin%20films.pdf" target="_blank">Download our handy converting and application guide now »</a></p>
UPM Raflatac launches new plant-based PE film for home and personal care applicationshttp://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/news/details/upm-raflatac-launches-new-plant-based-pe-film-for-home-and-personal-care-applicationsUPM Raflatac launches new plant-based PE film for home and personal care applications<p>​<img src="http://internet-assets-edit.upmraflatac.group.upm.com/Content%20images%20SOLUTIONS%20n%20SERVICES/Solutions-Product-ranges-Film-labeling-solutions-Bio-based-films.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /></p><p>UPM Raflatac is extending its range of film face materials for the European market with a new plant-based material that provides a sustainable alternative to fossil-based films for a wide variety of end uses. RafBio PE performs just like standard PE film, and its excellent flexibility makes it ideal for the squeezable bottles and contoured containers that are widely used in home and personal care applications.</p><p>Part of the RafBio family of bio-based labeling solutions, RafBio PE is the ideal choice for customers who are looking for a sustainable film face material that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions during its life cycle, compared to conventional PE, while still keeping products looking their very best. Made from sugarcane ethanol, the film contains more than 80% renewable plant-based raw material and is recyclable within the same recycling streams as fossil-based PE.</p><p>RafBio PE is combined with our RP37 adhesive for multi-purpose labelling applications. Furthermore, UPM Raflatac’s RafCycle programme offers significant benefits to label printers and end users by turning waste into valuable resources.</p><p>“Our RafBio range is another significant step on our journey towards a more sustainable future. It will help our customers to reduce their dependence on fossil raw materials and differentiate themselves from the competition by demonstrating a desire to improve their environmental performance,” says <strong>Päivi Knihti</strong>, Segment Manager, Films, EMEIA.</p><p><a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/solutions-and-services/product-ranges/film-labeling-solutions/bio-based-films">Learn more about Rafbio PE 85 and our Bio-Based films »</a></p><p><a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/news/brochures?id=843" target="_blank">Download Rafbio PE 85 brochure »</a></p><p><strong>For further information please contact</strong>: Päivi Knihti, Segment Manager, Films, EMEIA, UPM Raflatac, tel. +358 2041 68 395 </p>
Re-labeling of price tags and product labels made easy with UPM Raflatac's new label face paperhttp://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/news/details/re-labeling-of-price-tags-and-product-labels-made-easy-with-upm-raflatacs-new-label-face-paperRe-labeling of price tags and product labels made easy with UPM Raflatac's new label face paper<p>UPM Raflatac has expanded its Raflacoat Fit PEFC range for the European market with <strong>Raflacoat Fit Opaque Black PEFC</strong>. This thin, multi-purpose face paper offers an optimum solution for <strong>re-labeling price tags</strong> and <strong>product labels</strong>. </p><p><img class="ms-rtePosition-2" src="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/News%20images/2016/Raflacoat_Fit_Opaque_Black_PEFC_.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" />Raflacoat Fit Opaque Black PEFC is a self-adhesive label with a <strong>black opaque layer</strong> for easy and <strong>complete cover-up</strong> of <strong>old labels.</strong> Being able to re-label and reuse packages reduces the need for time-consuming repackaging, and also contributes to reduced costs and waste.</p><p>The label material is suitable for fast and efficient <strong>HP Indigo printing</strong> as well as conventional printing methods. Raflacoat Fit Opaque Black PEFC meets a variety of label converter needs with its thin face paper and optimum printability. </p><p>The PEFC mark certifies that the wood raw material used to produce the product comes from sustainably managed forests.</p><p>“Companies require more adaptable solutions to keep costs down, while still ensuring that all business needs are met,” explains <strong>Jouni Iiskola</strong>, Segment Manager for Food, Retail & Logistics, Specials, EMEIA, UPM Raflatac. “Our Raflacoat Fit PEFC range shows that competitive labeling solutions do not have to mean compromises on functionality or performance. Raflacoat Fit Opaque Black PEFC will allow retailers to get the most out of their stock and packaging, while also helping them meet their sustainability requirements."</p><p><strong>For further information, please contact:</strong><br>Jouni Iiskola, Segment Manager for Food, Retail & Logistics, and Specials, EMEIA, UPM Raflatac, tel. +358 2041 6143</p><p>Learn more about the <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/solutions-and-services/product-ranges-and-services/fit-range">Fit product range</a><br>Find out about our thermal label options for <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/solutions-and-services/labeling-solutions/retail">retail pricing solutions</a><br>Read about our durable labeling solutions for <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/solutions-and-services/labeling-solutions/transport-and-logistics">transportation and logistics</a></p><p><br> </p>
UPM Raflatac extends security label offering with new selection of ultra destructible film labelshttp://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/news/details/upm-raflatac-extends-security-label-offering-with-new-selection-of-ultra-destructible-film-labelsUPM Raflatac extends security label offering with new selection of ultra destructible film labels<p>UPM Raflatac has expanded its security labels range on the European market with the addition of <strong>two new</strong> <strong>ultra-destructible (UD) film labels</strong>. These films help to meet increased demand from brand owners for more <strong>secure labeling solutions </strong>and <strong>pharmaceutical applications</strong>. Expanding upon traditional UD solutions, they incorporate innovative tamper resistance and a more sustainable non-PVC construction, and are suitable for a variety of applications.</p><p> <img src="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/Content%20images%20SOLUTIONS%20n%20SERVICES/Labeling-Security-Tamper-evident-Ultra-destructible-label.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /> </p><p>When alteration or removal from the substrate is attempted, the brittle nature of the film makes it impossible to remove the label in one piece. This serves to authenticate products and protects brands by flagging tampering at any stage in the supply chain.</p><p>This UD line is designed for a variety of applications that depend on guaranteed authenticity, and includes: <strong>Acrylate Gloss Clear UD and Acetate White UD </strong>– both enabling conversion speeds that are up to three times faster than PVC White UD film. These films meet the exacting requirements for UD performance and are ideal for security warranty seals. Furthermore, Acrylate Gloss Clear UD is currently the only clear UD filmic material available on the market. When combined with our <strong>RP62 EU</strong> <strong>adhesive</strong>, this UD material meets the requirements of even the most challenging <strong>pharmaceutical packaging </strong>substrates and includes the pharmaceutical product change management guarantee.</p><p> <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/solutions-and-services/labeling-solutions/brand-protection-and-security/security-label-samples/" target="_blank"><strong>Order free samples of ultra-destructible film and pharmaceutical security label products »</strong></a> </p><p>Utilizing non-PVC materials helps reduce the environmental impact and waste-disposal costs. <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/solutions-and-services/product-ranges-and-services/small-roll-service">Small Roll Service</a> is also available for all of the new UD films to allow smaller quantity ordering for maximum business flexibility.<a href="http://www.securityprinters.org/" target="_blank"><img class="ms-rtePosition-2" src="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/News%20images/2016/Events-Intergraf-UPM-Raflatac.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /></a></p><p>“Advances in labeling technology, as shown in the UD security film label products, bring clear advantages for secure labeling. Their unique tamper-evident features perfectly complement the articles to which they are applied – protecting brand names and consumer safety through label protection throughout the supply chain”, says <strong>Thomas Treichel,</strong> Labelling Solutions Manager, Security and Postal, UPM Raflatac.</p><p> <strong>For further information, please contact:</strong></p><p>Thomas Treichel, Labelling Solutions manager, Security and Postal, UPM Raflatac, tel. +49 21195799171</p><p dir="ltr">Learn about UPM Raflatac’s <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/solutions-and-services/labeling-solutions/brand-protection-and-security/">tamper-evident security labeling solutions</a><br>Discover our <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/solutions-and-services/labeling-solutions/pharmaceutical-and-health-care/pharmaceutical-security">tamper-evident seals for pharmaceutical packaging</a></p>
Two new lightweight solutions for wash-off logistics labelinghttp://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/news/details/two-new-lightweight-solutions-for-wash-off-logistics-labelingTwo new lightweight solutions for wash-off logistics labeling<p>​<img class="ms-rtePosition-1" alt="Thermal-Top-Eco-PEFC-WashOff" src="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/News%20images/2017/Thermal-Top-Eco-WashOff.jpg" style="margin:5px;" />We are proud to announce the launch of two new face materials for wash-off logistics labeling applications. <strong>Thermalite Top+ PEFC </strong>and <strong>Thermalite Eco+ PEFC </strong>are lightweight and, when paired with the <strong>RP45 LW adhesive</strong>, they adhere permanently to even rough or patterned surfaces for the lifetime of the label then wash off with ease leaving no residue. With the new materials, plastic pallets, crates, and other containers can be labeled effectively and sent back into circulation over and over again – with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. </p><p>Thermalite Top+ PEFC is a BPA-free direct thermal label face for wash-off applications. It has good image stability and keeps its functionality in both chilled conditions and during hot summer transport. Thermalite Eco+ PEFC is a light thermal label face, also for wash-off applications. It is more resource efficient than standard products as the grammage has been reduced – without compromising performance. </p><p>“These products are lightweight, making them much better for the environment,” says <strong>Jouni Iiskola</strong>, Segment Manager, Logistics, UPM Raflatac. “Less raw materials are used in production, and less transportation means reduced emissions. Thanks to their excellent functionality and high environmental performance, both products are approved by Svenska Retursystem, the Swedish system for circulating crates and pallets for reuse.”</p><p>We offer specialty labeling solutions for address labels, shipping and mailing labels and related applications. To find out more visit our <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/solutions-and-services/labeling-solutions/transport-and-logistics">transportation and logistics label solutions page</a>.</p><p> <strong>For further information, please contact:</strong><br>Jouni Iiskola, Segment Manager, Logistics, UPM Raflatac, Specials, tel. +358 204 168 193</p>
UPM Raflatac launches RafShrink PETG TDO 45 HS shrink sleeve labeling filmhttp://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/news/details/upm-raflatac-launches-rafshrink-petg-tdo-45-hs-shrink-sleeve-labeling-filmUPM Raflatac launches RafShrink PETG TDO 45 HS shrink sleeve labeling film<p>​<img src="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/News%20images/2017/RAFShrinkSleeve_Superior_trio_RGB_jpg.jpg" class="ms-rtePosition-1" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:300px;height:300px;" />UPM Raflatac is expanding its range of high-performance shrink sleeve labeling films with the introduction of RafShrink PETG TDO 45 HS. RafShrink films can wrap any shape of container, increasing the design possibilities for labeling without compromising productivity. RafShrink PETG TDO 45 HS has a maximum shrinkage of 79% and offers enhanced opportunities for heat shrink sleeve printers in the bestselling shrink sleeve product category. It is available from UPM Raflatac’s MEGA 4000 service, for quick delivery of all order quantities starting from 4000 <span lang="EN-US" class="ms-rteFontSize-1" style="font-family:arial, sans-serif;">m<sup>2</sup></span>  and is ideal for labeling products in the home and personal care, food and beverage categories.</p><div><br></div><div>“The RafShrink product portfolio combines the design benefits of traditional shrink sleeve films with the high level of recyclability and sustainability now demanded by both brands and consumers.” says Erkki Nyberg, Director, Shrink Sleeve Films. “We can support you through label printing and application trials, offer recommendations for inks, and provide you with sustainability and environmental services. Our delivery service is quick, with low minimum order quantities, making small print runs possible and affordable. We also have an extensive slitting and distribution network, guaranteeing short lead times for all orders,” Nyberg continues.</div><div><br></div><div><strong>For further information please contact:</strong></div><div>Erkki Nyberg, Director, Shrink Sleeve Films, UPM Raflatac, tel. +358 2041 6143.</div><div> </div><div><br></div><div>Read more about shrink sleeve films at: <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/solutions-and-services/shrink-sleeve-films/">www.rafshrink.com</a></div><div>  </div>
UPM Raflatac expands offering with new innovations for medical device and healthcare labelinghttp://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/news/details/upm-raflatac-expands-offering-with-new-innovations-for-medical-device-and-healthcare-labelingUPM Raflatac expands offering with new innovations for medical device and healthcare labeling<p>​<img src="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/News%20images/2017/UPM-Raflatac-RPMD-news.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /></p><p>UPM Raflatac has further expanded its range of guaranteed, globally available, and compliant pharmaceutical and healthcare label materials for the medical device and healthcare industries.</p><p>Today there are over 500,000 types of medical and in vitro diagnostic medical devices available in the EU, with a medical device meaning anything from a contact lens or sticking plaster to an x-ray machine or hip replacement component. In vitro diagnostic medical devices include things like HIV blood tests, pregnancy tests, and blood sugar monitoring systems for diabetics.</p><p>The new <strong>RPMD (Raflatac Permanent Medical Device) adhesive range</strong> includes labeling solutions for drug/device combination products like <strong>insulin pens, auto-injectors, and inhalers, as well as blood donation labeling, sterilization pouches for medical devices, and infusion bags and bottles</strong>. Combining selected paper and film face materials with an RPMD adhesive ensures excellent adhesion with a tight mandrel hold on glass and plastic, as well as sterilization resistance and migration safety – both common requirements in medical device and healthcare labeling. </p><p><img src="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/News%20images/2017/UPM-Raflatac-RPMD-sterilization-pouch-label.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /> </p><p>These materials are also compliant with the EU Medical Device Regulations (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostics Regulations (IVDR) published in May 2017. The Medical Device Directive includes the adoption of a <strong>Unique Device Identification (UDI) system</strong> to mark and identify medical devices in the healthcare supply chain, with a 2020 implementation deadline. A UDI is a code printed on a label affixed to a device or its packaging, or even directly on the device itself, in both plain text and machine-readable format. A UDI consists of a device identifier (DI) and product identifier (PI), with the PI data varying according to the type of device and the manufacturer’s current practice. </p><p>“With our expanded offering for medical device and healthcare applications, including the RPMD adhesive and a selection of FSC and PEFC certified paper faces for pharmaceutical use, we can continue to address the needs of all our customers. These innovative solutions are ideal for the combination product market, which is growing quickly as treatment continues to move away from the hospital and out into the field and the home,” explains <strong>Markku Pietarinen</strong>, Manager, Business Segments & Pharma, Specials EMEIA, UPM Raflatac. </p><p> <a href="http://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/solutions-and-services/labeling-solutions/pharmaceutical-and-health-care/medical-devices/">Read more about labelling solutions for medical devices »</a> </p><p> A high-resolution photo can be downloaded from the <a href="http://pet.upm.com/l/JLpZk_LF8nwh">UPM image bank » </a></p> <p> <strong>For further information please contact</strong>: </p><p>Markku Pietarinen, Manager, Business Segments & Pharma, Specials EMEIA, UPM Raflatac, tel. +358 40 543 4658 </p>
UPM Raflatac extends its range of self-adhesive label products with BS5609 approvalhttp://www.upmraflatac.com/emea/en/news/details/upm-raflatac-extends-its-range-of-self-adhesive-label-products-with-bs5609-approvalUPM Raflatac extends its range of self-adhesive label products with BS5609 approval<p><img class="ms-rtePosition-2" src="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/News%20images/2016/UPM-Raflatac-BS5609-approved-labels.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" />UPM Raflatac has extended its range of self-adhesive label products that comply with section two of the internationally recognized <strong>BS5609 standard for self-adhesive labels for marine use</strong>. Five new product approvals bring the number of UPM Raflatac label products that meet the requirements of the standard to almost 50.</p><p>Four of the new products conforming to BS5609 section two – PET White TC 50, PP Solid White TC 60, PP Matt Solid White 60 and Polyprint 100 White – use UPM Raflatac’s RC77 adhesive, a strong permanent adhesive designed specifically for industrial chemical drum labeling. RC77 has improved temperature and chemical resistance, as well as good adhesion on polar and non-polar surfaces to ensure containers remain clearly identifiable throughout their lifetime. For label converters, it enables better runnability and more reliable dispensing. The fifth product, PP White UVI 60 for UV inkjet digital printing, uses UPM Raflatac’s RP77 adhesive. RP77 is a high-tack adhesive with good adhesion on polar and non-polar surfaces.</p><p>The BS5609 standard contains provisions to ensure that dangerous goods transported by sea should be durably labeled and identified. Section two details the requirements for pressure sensitive adhesive laminates and rates their performance in terms of dimensional stability, adhesion, artificial weathering, temperature cycling, and color fastness, as well as exposure to marine conditions for three months. <br><img class="ms-rtePosition-4" src="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/News%20images/2016/Arrow.JPG" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /><a href="http://assets.upmraflatac.com/PDF/Products/BS5609.pdf" target="_blank">Read the full list of UPM Raflatac products with BS5609 Part II approval</a></p><p><strong>For further information please contact:</strong><br>Jouni Iiskola, Labelling Solutions Manager, Oil & Industrial chemicals, Retail & Logistics, UPM Raflatac EMEIA, tel. +358 (0)40 739 8688</p><p>​</p>