Sustainable by Design

Sustainability is one of the primary drivers of our development process. We create efficient, sustainable label products that benefit the entire value chain: suppliers, producers, converters, and brand owners. We consider the environmental impacts of the entire product lifecycle – from sourcing, production, delivery and product use, to recycling, reuse or disposal of our face stocks, adhesives and liners.

Assess the lifecycle of self adhesive label stock

Lifecycle assessment (LCA) provides a methodology for evaluating the environmental impacts of a product or process over its entire lifecycle. It collects the raw material and energy inputs from the value chain and converts them into outputs in terms of emissions to air, water, land and waste.


We use a third party, PE International, to help determine our LCA, using the internationally recognized ISO 14040/44 standards. We have developed a methodology that is consistent with assessments used by large brand owners, our end-users, to evaluate their own environmental impacts. 

LCA reveals the environmental hotspot in the labeling value chain. It provides reliable, relevant information to:

  • Consider environmental impacts in product design
  • Understand the lifecycle impacts of different label constructions
  • Evaluate the end-of-life impacts of liner recycling versus disposal by incineration or landfill
  • Compare label materials and make sustainable choices

For help understanding your sustainable label options, contact your UPM Raflatac Sales Representative. We will support you with what you need, from providing information to helping you implement sustainable labeling solutions and production processes.

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