A fresh look at the world of labels fresh look at the world of labels<div class="ExternalClass76DE9DF7AE744699A0241AD69C1AF3CC"><p>I have a new job. I’m really excited to be working at UPM Raflatac steering the marketing communications team. It’s all brand new to me and I have found the world of labeling so much more fascinating and varied than I ever imagined! It’s all very exciting and I’m thrilled to take part in labeling a smarter future with UPM Raflatac. </p><p> <img src="" alt="" style="margin:0px;" /> </p><p>Before I came to this job, I have worked as a Brand Manager marketing many brands. Part of my job has been to make sure that the labels on the brands that I’m steering, entice the customer to choose my brand. Build the brand and secure sales. Help the consumer to make the right choice. I wanted my brand to pop out of the shelf of a supermarket. I thought; that’s it for labels. Simple as that, brand recognition. But little did I know that there is so much more to them. We rarely pay attention to the fact that they are absolutely everywhere! Actually, they are the real unsung hero of our everyday lives.</p><h2>The wonderful world of food labeling</h2><p>As a consumer, I like to know what I eat. You are what you eat, they say. Labels on food products convey important messages such as food ingredients, storage requirements and nutritional information. They can be used to protect and reseal the food product. No wonder that the supermarket is a great example of a world full of labels. Starting from the fruit and veg section’s banana brand labels to the packed meat and dairy counters. </p><p>Most labels printed in the world are used on food products. In the recent months, I have had the privilege to learn that plenty of thought goes to the different labeling options in food products. They must withstand different temperatures and stay in place for the duration that the package is needed. They must be food safe and meet the strictest guidelines and requirements. Many of these solutions have required innovation and product development and most of all understanding of the customer and consumer requirements. And what happens when you have finished with that food package – can you recycle it? Does the label help or hinder?</p><h2>Why labels matter?</h2><p>Because of the sheer volume of labels, sustainability is important and labels really do matter. I am proud to be working for a company that is a frontrunner in sustainable labeling solutions. At UPM Raflatac we often remind ourselves that sustainability is in the heart and DNA of this company. Has always been and today even more so. I’m looking forward to a smarter future with more sustainable labeling solutions for future proof packaging. </p><hr /> <img src="" alt="" style="margin:0px;" /> <br>   <br> <strong>Kati Murto</strong><br>Senior Manager, Marketing Communications, UPM Raflatac  <p> <br><span class="ms-rteStyle-Paragraphlarge"><span aria-hidden="true"></span><em>”Make every day so awesome, that it’ll make yesterday jealous!”</em></span><span class="ms-rteStyle-Paragraphlarge" aria-hidden="true"></span><span class="ms-rteStyle-Paragraphlarge"><span aria-hidden="true"></span></span></p> </div>2018-04-13T07:15:00Z
The circular economy – time to be radical! circular economy – time to be radical!<div class="ExternalClassDD33D7B6204F4863BEA45BDB6F3526EF"><p>​The circular economy has been on the agenda for a couple of years already, but in the last few months we have seen a seismic shift in public concern about the use of plastic in packaging and plastic pollution. We have seen the EU publish its plastic strategy, global brands like Coca Cola setting ambitious targets on plastic packaging and TV programmes like David Attenborough’s blue planet raising attention further with its focus on ocean plastics.</p><p> <img src="" alt="" style="margin:0px;" /> </p><p>As the world's most sustainable labeling company, it's only natural that we should innovate the way forward towards the ultimate circular solution in packaging. And as part of UPM, the Biofore company, we have the potential to make it a reality.</p><p>Our current range of sustainable labeling products surpasses today's benchmarks, delivering sustainability at every point in the product lifecycle. We are using radical innovation to develop solutions that were previously thought unviable. There's a way to go still, but today we are making huge steps in the right direction, creating thinner and lighter, recyclable and biobased products that are the blueprint for a circular future tomorrow. Ultimately though, it is a bio-future that is the logical solution for a circular society but it requires us to rethink the system, re-consider the possible and use radical innovation to get us there. </p><p>With innovation at the centre of our business and our leading position in the forest based products value chain, we are in a unique position to create truly circular film labeling solutions that will completely bypass the conventional plastics challenges we face today – stepping over old approaches and processes to deliver new solutions that radically change systems and reshape how we think and deal with plastics. This is exactly the type of thinking the planet needs and we need partnerships to get there. </p><p>We at UPM Raflatac believe in collaboration throughout the value chain and that’s why we have joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy 100 (CE 100) programme at the beginning of this year. The CE 100 programme is a pre-competitive innovation programme established to enable organisations to develop new opportunities and realise their circular economy ambitions faster. It brings together corporates, governments and cities, academic institutions, emerging innovators and affiliates in a unique multi-stakeholder platform. </p><p>Join us on our journey to label a smarter future. Together we can close the circle.  </p><p>- <a href="/emea/en/sustainability/circular-economy" target="_blank">Read more about our circular economy approach<br></a> - <a href="/emea/en/news/details/upm-raflatac-joins-ellen-macarthurs-circular-economy-100-programme" target="_blank">Read more about our partnership with Ellen MacArthur Foundation </a></p><hr /> <img src="" alt="" style="margin:0px;" /> <br>   <br>R<strong>obert Taylor</strong><br>Director, Sustainability, UPM Raflatac  <p> <br><span class="ms-rteStyle-Paragraphlarge"><span aria-hidden="true"></span><em>”Ye may aye be sticking in a tree, it will be growing when you are sleeping!”</em></span><span class="ms-rteStyle-Paragraphlarge" aria-hidden="true"></span><span class="ms-rteStyle-Paragraphlarge"> <span aria-hidden="true"></span></span></p></div>2018-03-09T06:02:00Z

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A fresh look at the world of labels fresh look at the world of labels2018-04-13T07:15:00Z
The circular economy – time to be radical! circular economy – time to be radical!2018-03-09T06:02:00Z