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UPM Raflatac’s customer magazine, Raflatalk, keeps you informed about the trends, technologies and products that are integral to the pressure sensitive label business. Our magazine is available both as a print subscription and online download. Happy reading!

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Raflatalk 2014: Click here to read »

Highlights in this issue include:

  • Responsible sourcing of label materials
  • EU Falsified Medicines Directive: New legislation for pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • High-volume e-commerce logistics in China
  • -I Peldar glass meets UPM Raflatac label stock


Raflatalk Express

Raflatalk Express keeps you informed about the latest news, trends and product launches in Asia Pacific.

    Raflatalk Express 2/2014: Click here to read >>

    Highlights in this issue:

  • Fukushima Printing Japan success story
  • Monin-Asia shifting to self-adhesive labels
  • QLM Label Makers Group naming UPM Raflatac Australia Outstanding Supplier of the Year
    Raflatalk Express 1/2014: Click here to read »

    This issue highlights UPM Raflatac's wine labelling expertise;
     legal requirements for food labelling; and Label Life online

Raflatalk Express 2/2013: Click here to read »

This issue highlights all UPM Raflatac Asia Pacific factories achieving Chain of Custody certification. It also discusses how Chain of Custody can benefit label converters and brand owners.

Raflatalk Express 1/2013: Click here to read »

This issue highlights positive developments for UPM Raflatac's hotmelt technology investment in China.

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