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Uncork the best with wine and spirits labels

​In the competitive wine and spirits industry, it’s all about the brand and how it is portrayed on the bottle. Manufacturers, from global powerhouses to boutique companies, compete for space on crowded retail shelves, so eye-catching wine bottle labels and spirits labels provide a powerful edge.

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UPM Raflatac wine and spirits labels give you the tools to create a premium label look that impresses consumers and motivates the all-important impulse buy. We offer coated, uncoated, textured and metallic papers, as well as foils and film faces to create a versatile range of labeling options that work well with red, white and sparkling wines.

Use our film and paper labels as your canvas for graphic expression. These spirits and wine labels are highly printable. You can use traditional printing methods, such as offset litho, rotary, silk screen, UV flexo and gravure to generate elegant labeling solutions that serve as strong brand ambassadors.

Need to introduce new products or generate smaller print runs? Digital printing can help you create spirits and wine labels with prime appeal at a very attractive price point.

Create works of art

Want to create a wine label that has a hand-crafted or antique effect, connoting quality? Use our textured papers and embossing and hot foil treatments to embellish labels to create a strong visual – and tactile – impact.

Wine and Spirits labeling with textured papers and embossing and hot foil treatments 

Achieve the disappearing act with clear labels

Sometimes the best look in wine or spirits labeling is no look at all. We offer ultra-clear films that disappear on the bottle for a transparent label look. They are paired with a smooth film liner and specialty high-clarity adhesives to deliver ultimate transparency and exceptional wet-out performance. The effect is comparable to printing directly on the bottle.

Using “no label” look films enables you to use a greater number of techniques to design film stocks, adapt quickly to changing market needs and manage bottle stocks more efficiently.

Take the plunge with wine labels

Wine and spirits labels face special environmental challenges. Our wet strength additive (WSA) face stocks have a wet strength and alkali-resistant treatment which makes them additionally suitable for labeling returnable bottles. These label papers stay intact during bottle-washing so the machinery remains unobstructed and productive.

FSC® and PEFC™ certified label faces

Our FSC®- and PEFC™-certified label faces are created from raw wood materials sourced from sustainably managed forests and tracked through the chain of custody. When brands use these certified papers, they can proudly display the FSC or PEFC logo on their labels. These certifications help companies burnish their brand and demonstrate their environmental commitment to consumers.

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