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Migration safe labels

Our number-one priority is to protect patients by ensuring that our pharmaceutical labeling products are safe. For migration safe labels we have developed the RP31 Purus adhesive which is precision-designed to meet the rigorous requirements set by the FDA and EMA for pharmaceutical packaging.

Migration safe labeling solutions for plastic medicine containersHigh-performance labels for drug containers

RP31 Purus is the result of special development to produce a migration safe adhesive with low leachable characteristics. This adhesive performs well on small diameters and curved surfaces, and on a variety of labeling substrates including PP and low-density polyethylene (LDPE). LDPE is widely used
for squeezable nose or eye-drop containers where
migration safety is critical.

RP31 Purus migration safe adhesive can be combined with a wide variety of pharmaceutical label materials to achieve the best results for your labeling needs.

Pharmaclear EUP with RP31 Purus combines a Pharmacopoeia-compliant label face and low leachable characteristic adhesive for labelling non-solid drugs in plastic containers. This multifunctional product also covers a wide range of applications, bringing much-needed efficiency to analysis and regulatory costs.

Migration safe label products

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Safe and reliable pharmaceutical and healthcare labels
Safe and reliable pharmaceutical and healthcare labels

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