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Low-temperature pharmaceutical labels

UPM Raflatac - Low-temperature pharmaceutical labels for cold and cryo useFrom temperatures barely below zero all the way down to -196 °C, UPM Raflatac has you covered. Our unique cold and cryogenic pharmaceutical label materials are based on adhesives specially formulated to withstand extremely cold storage conditions with long-term reliability. They can also tolerate up to 10 freezing and thawing cycles.

From freeze to thaw and back again

RP80 LT adhesive is designed for storage down to -80 °C. Our label materials based on RP80 LT adhesive perform equally well on glass, cardboard, PP, and steel substrates. They also have good small-diameter performance to cover a wide range of labeling needs – from vials, test tubes, and microtiter plates to steel cabinets and storage boxes.

Into the deep freeze

Our RP Cryo adhesive is formulated for labeling containers and boxes used in storage conditions all the way down to the -150 °C to -196 °C range, achieved with liquid nitrogen. Labels backed by this adhesive remain adhered without cracking, peeling, or degrading, and ensure that all of the identifying information stays secured to biological samples.

We also have a selection of film face materials available that have excellent thermal shock resistance to cope with the extreme temperature changes that pharmaceutical containers have to cope with. Whether immersed in freezing nitrogen or steam-sterilized in an autoclave, labels stay firmly in place and critical identifying information is clearly readable.

Cold and cryo label products

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Safe and reliable pharmaceutical and healthcare labels
Safe and reliable pharmaceutical and healthcare labels

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