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Our food label materials satisfy even the pickiest product labeling palates

Food labeling is the most diverse of all label end-uses. Food labels provide eye-catching branding, using clear and white films, eco-conscious papers and elaborate finishes to motivate point-of-sale purchases. In addition, a food label displays critical consumer information, such as product ingredients, nutritional information and sell-by dates. Food packaging labels also play an important role in consumer safety, as their components must be approved for direct and indirect food contact.

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You’ll find food product labels used to:

  • Brand products from global companies and boutique operations
  • Provide variable information for weigh-scale applications
  • Tag fruits and vegetables
  • Label refrigerated beverages
  • Price-mark a wide array of retail items
  • Run special promotions, using peel-off coupons, recipe booklets and other means, to increase consumer spending
  • Enhance product security with tamper evident labels
  • Keep products fresh, with resealable closures

Packaging substrates and labeling environment

Food labeling features a wide array of packaging substrates, including glass, hard and soft plastics, fiber-based materials like paper and cardboard, and metals. 

Food labels must also provide exceptional performance in challenging environments. You’ll find food labels applied to cold, moist and greasy surfaces, as well as subjected to a deep freeze.

Carefully compliant with all food labeling regulations

All label stock products manufactured by UPM Raflatac are tested and approved to comply with governmental regulations and directives related to direct and indirect food labeling.

In the European Union, the EU 10/2011 regulation covering plastic materials used for food packaging encompasses food labels, which are considered an integral part of the packaging. Both direct food labels with a plastic layer and all labels applied to plastic primary packaging must provide Declarations of Conformity (DoCs) stating which controlled, authorized substances are present. Each company is responsible for sharing DoCs on its products with key partners.

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