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UPM Raflatac – durable labels with UL certification

Several of our durable labeling products have been tested and recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). UL is an independent product safety testing and certification organization that has published more than 800 safety standards, including those for durable labels. The UL marking is a stamp of high quality and reliability.

There are three certification categories:


For TTR-printed labels. Evaluation includes testing for adhesion to surfaces and durability of printing in the US market.


For TTR-printed labels. Similar to PGJI2 but for the Canadian market.


Certification of the label material only.

UL tests labels according to their intended use conditions, indoor or outdoor. Tests include:

    • Standard atmosphere (72 hours at 23°C, 50 RH)
    • Water immersion (48 hours at 23°C)
    • Air oven (10 days, test temperature 20–30°C higher than rating temperature)
    • Cold (7 hours at -23°C or lower)
    • UV (750 hours Xenon)
    • Chemical resistance (immersion test)

Durable label products​

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