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Hang tough with durable labels

Come rain, snow, or heat exposure, durable labels have lasting appeal in tough conditions. These chemical resistant, waterproof label materials provide a hard-wearing, long-lasting labeling solution for:

  • Information that needs to last for the product’s lifetime
  • Model identification and serial numbers
  • Warnings and safety requirements or instructions
  • Variable information printed by thermal transfer
  • Times when UL-approved labels are needed

For such applications, UPM Raflatac offers a full range of white, clear and silver PET faces, overlaminating films, PPs, strong PEs, high tear-strength materials and more.

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Push the performance

With their environmental resistance and serious adhesion, durable labels are ready to pull hard duty. You’ll find these high-performance materials in use for:

  • Industrial labeling
  • Chemical labeling, including chemical warning labels or hazard labels
  • Outdoor applications, including weatherproof labels or waterproof labels
  • Lawn and garden equipment labeling
  • Appliance labeling

Our labels are UL-approved

End-users often require that labeling materials be tested and approved for durability. Independent testing institutes, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), specialize in setting up durability tests. Labels are applied to substrates, exposed to specified liquids and temperatures and evaluated for performance. If thermal transfer labels are involved, ribbons should be specified and used in the test procedure.


 Durable label products

For a full product range, please contact your closest UPM Raflatac representative.
Sales codeProduct description
8L/R37S/28PET GLOSS WHITE TC 50 / RP37S / HD 70
52/RP33/02TYVEK 75 / RP33 / WHITE GLASSINE 85


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