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RH9S hotmelt adhesive 11/2017 0122
RH9S hotmelt adhesive is the perfect match for film labels, and is suitable for a wide range of applications including food and beverage end-uses.
Peel and Reseal Food Labeling 10/2017 0123
Food safe, versatile peel and reseal labels
RHCF 10/2017 0125
RHCF adhesive has been especially developed to meet market demands for food-safe adhesive with reliable performance on wet and frosty environments.
A4 Products 06/2017 ENG 1305/3
Leading digital VIP solutions for performance, sustainability and efficiency.
Raflex Pro 4/2017 SEA 0113
Raflex Pro - combines the best properties of PE and PP in a single material
Film Selection Guide 04/2017 SEA 0112
UPM Raflatac offers an industry-leading range of film label face materials, adhesives and liners. This guide is designed to help you select the optimal combination for your particular application.
Textile Labelling 04/17 SEA 0114
High quality labelling solutions dressed to impress
Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Book 06/17 SEA 0118
Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer are part of Variable Information Printing (VIP).
Tyre Labelling 06/2017 SEA 0117
Superior solutions to keep your business rolling
PE 65 - our thinnest, squeezable PE film 4/2017 SEA 0111
Performance that lasts - squeeze after squeeze. Labels printed on PE 65 flex with the packaging and maintain their good looks.
Wine, spirits & craft beverage labelling 03/2017 ENG 1347
World-class materials for desirable labels and eye-catching functionality.


Small Roll Service 01/2017 ENG 1351
The smart, sustainable way to grow your business.
Ice & Ice Premium wine label materials 06/2016 ENG 1317
Technically specified for refrigeration and ice bucket excellence.


Durables Selection Guide 06/2016 ENG 1251/2
We offer a comprehensive range of standard and tailored durable labelling solutions – choices that are functionally optimized for different exposures and surface types.


Energy Labelling 04/2016 ENG 1255/2
Removable labelstock solutions from UPM Raflatac. Meet brand owner requirements for full functionality, end-user convenience and outstanding visual quality.
Wine Labelling 05/2016 AUS 0104
Wine labelling - visual, functional, sustainable.


Vanish 03/2016 OC 0100
Introducing Vanish the truly invisible label


UPM Raflatac India Service Offer 3/2016 1307
UPM Raflatac India offers an extensive selection of labeling solutions with wide range of products.
The postal stamp of approval for quality and innovation 02/2016 ENG 1304
UPM Raflatac is a globally leading adhesive materials company with excellent knowledge of the postal stamps market. Order a printed copy of the brochure and get also a set of printed samples.


Tyre Labelling. Superior solutions to keep your business rolling 07/2015 KOR 1176
This brochure presents a range of UPM Raflatac face materials, our renowned RHT tyre adhesive and various options to optimize your choices. In short, everything you need to keep your business rolling.


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